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WordPress Pretty Permalinks on IIS without mod rewrite

Permalinks are the URLs to an individual post, category, page, etc. These links generally take the form of index.php?p=444 (or some number). Pretty Permalinks are the same URLs crafted to make sense to the user. Apache offers this ability, though generally not set by default. IIS through version 6 (Windows 2003) does not offer this. There are ISAPI filters both…

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WordPress Permalinks will not work in a default XAMMP installation

XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server package, comprised of an Apache HTTP Server, a MySQL database, PHP and Perl programming languages. It is easy to install and setup with little configuration. However, the default installation of XAMPP does not enable the permalinks, though the permalinks structure is customizable to create the .htaccess file. With no permalinks,…

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