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A MySql ibdata1 Optimization Technique

A MySql database needed to be removed and upon deletion of that single database, the extremely large three gigabite ibdata1 (data) file remained. Here are the steps I took to reduce or shrink the file once the database was removed. Since there was no other use for this MySql installation, there remained the MySql system databases. Show Databases At the…

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Optimize VMware Virtual Machine(s)

VWMware folders can get congested with log files, file fragmentation, and bloated file sizes. To remedy this, there is a utility available through VMware called VMware-mount-5.5.0-18463.exe. This utility will also work with version 6 of VMware (tested!). It offers among other things, several command line tools for handling VMware files. Along with a couple of handy scripts, that I have…

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