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nginx, Apache 2 and subversion – 502 Bad Gateway error

All subversion checkouts, commits and other basic operations work as expected, but when attempting to copy, move or tag (copy) a (502 Bad Gateway) error presents itself. There is a machine running nginx on port 80 (and 443 SSL) that serves as a reverse proxy for among other things subversion repositories. subversion runs on the backend on apache2. When performing...Read More »

nginx: redirect to a new domain except part of the URL pattern

Migrating to newer version of a web application from one domain to another has had it's challenges. Since this web application has multiple projects, each project may be migrated one at a time. The goal is to redirect traffic to the new projects as they are migrated to the new domain. As part of that goal, the projects that have...Read More »

Real time Web Log analyzer using GoAccess

Scrolling through log files is unrealistic.  Using ‘awk’, ‘grep’, ‘sed’, and ‘cut’ to parse through them can be quite a chore – and still has it’s place for specific searches.  However, here is an interesting tool called GoAccess.  GoAccess is a real time web log analyzer tool. Running a CentOS 6, minimal installation, to install. To use, for example to…

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Create an nginx load balancer

I wanted to play with a simple load balancer with powerful implications. A load balancer using nginx as the front end and two apache servers on the backend. server1 - apache - (CentOS 6) yum -y install httpd echo server1 /var/www/html/index.html lokkit -s http -s https chkconfig httpd on && service httpd restart server2 - apache - (CentOS 6)...Read More »

Install and upgrade nginx on CentOS6

Nginx is a web server. It can act as a reverse proxy server, as well as a load balancer and an HTTP cache. There was a need for an nginx reverse proxy (RP), so found a set of instructions that worked. However, after implementing those instructions, and getting everything configured, it was a determined a newer version of Nginx was...Read More »