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Micrsosoft WSUS Cleanup

The Microsoft WSUS server can and has run out of disk space. The appropriate items for updates are selected, the appropriate languages are selected, but in the end the server runs out of space. The native WSUS cleanup wizard doesn’t seem to be of much use when trying to correct this. Here is a process that I have found and…

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Commands to shrink the SQL Server transacation log

I recently encountered a database that was 4 MB in size with it’s respective transaction log at 460 MB. The transaction log is used in a recovery model to restore the database to a point in time. I wanted to reduce the size of the transaction log. More importantly, I wasn’t exactly clear as to why a transaction log of…

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SQL Query to find duplicate rows

I needed a SQL query that would parse through hundreds of thousands of records and list duplicate content. I found a SQL query that would work and made my own modifications to it so that the query may return the desired results. This is one of those things I will not remember so here is the script. source Even though…

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