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pihole becomes unresponsive

If pihole becomes unresponsive, one reason may be that the diskspace is full. The diskspace may become full from an excessively large pihole database and or /var/log entries.  In a recent case, both were the cause.  Stopping the services and truncating the logs in /var/log and deleting the database worked in this case.  The following logs were large, but I…

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Monitor multiple logs simultaneously

One way to monitor multiple logs simultaneous is to use tail.  Although this works, and works well, if the logs are modified frequently, they seem to scroll endlessly and messily.  What is meant by messily. As a log file is modified, it takes precedence over the previous log as it updates the terminal. One way around this is with multitail….

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MySQL Disable Bin Logging

One of the MySQL servers was running out of space, it turned out to be over 7GB of bin logs filling up the hard drive rather quickly. Since this server is not replicating, then a few modifications to the my.ini or my.cnf file will disable this “feature”. Edit the my.cnf file. Yours may be somewhere so search for it with…

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