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One way to compile xtables-addons without error

There seems to be some consistency on how to compile xtables-addons.  Notice I didn't suggest an agreement in the more popular approaches.  It seems that much of the approach is more of a copy and paste from one site to the next with some slight variation.  What generally isn't immediately obvious is the version of CentOS used or the version...Read More »

Remove Old Kernels on CentOS Linux and other distros

After a few years and many yum updates later, the hard drive begins to fill up. There may be many versions of the Linux kernel. Many of which may be removed and to do this the yum-utils package is needed. Pre-CentOS 8 Install the yum-utils package. yum install -y yum-utils Check your running version. [root@server01 opt]# uname -a Linux server01...

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