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Sorting Through Results of Revolving IPs from nslookup Results

If you are using something like imap.mail.yahoo.com or outlook.office365.com and would like to add a firewall rule to open the appropriate IPs to access could be quite a challenge. These IPs seem to change often. Here are a couple of command lines that may help sort through this mess. Typically, a simple command would be executed with results. nslookup outlook.office365.com…

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How to change the IP address of a Linux computer using a script

There was a CentOS server where the IP address needed to be changed. Searches through the Internet revealed a series of commands that would do the trick. This script incorporates these commands into a single utility or bash script. This may not be all inclusive, but it did work for me on a CentOS 5.8 server. To use this script,…

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Can’t access PHP IIS7 via IP Address – RESOLVED

There are a few good articles as to how to install PHP on a Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit edition. One of which is titled Vista 64 – IIS 7 – PHP x64. However, once installed, you may encounter the ability to access the website via localhost or with, however, not via the IP address of the computer. After…

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