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How to create a directory with permissions in Linux

The other day I was reading through some newsgroups on how to better automate a script.  Part of the script contained an interesting command that looked promising; however, could not get it work. This is the command. While it looks interesting, a quick execution of it created three directories, icinga:icinga, 0700, and mydirectory. This was not the desired effect. Looking...Read More »

Tomcat fails to install as a service

Problem Tomcat 5.5.x fails to complete installation with an error message indicating failed to install tomcat 5 as a a service.   Failed to install tomcat 5 service Check your settings and permissions Abort Retry Ignore This error occurred using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with Service Pack 1 and Apache Tomcat Version 5.5.9. This resolution worked for me….

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