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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 breaks eRoom [Resolved]

EMC Documentum eRoom (‘eRoom’) is a web-based collaborative workspace for distributed teams. However, it doesn’t seem to get the support needed for the seemingly endless stream of new internet explorers. Problems where introduced with Micorsoft Internet Explorer 8 and continue to plague eRoom with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Mozilla Firefox has changed their upgrade path from minimal version increases, as…

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta RunOnce Removal

  Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta   Version: 8.0.6001.17184IS   Update Versions: Beta . . Issue Internet Explorer 8 Beta has it’s own version of the annoying RunOnce, however, this one is a pop-up and is not yet too annoying. There is no reasonable explanation as to the purpose of this link. After the RunOnce executes, notice that Microsoft…

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