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Icinga2 Monitoring for Windows Disks Not Working [Resolved]

Among the many possible services to monitor a Windows based operating system using Icinga2, the service that utilizes the check_command of disk-windows has not quite worked as expected.  It may have been a combination of things that was done incorrectly over the years, or maybe plugin versioning. In any case, a snippet below demonstrates a thought to be working service...Read More »

Icinga 2 won’t start after an upgrade

A CentOS 7 server running Icinga 2 was recently updated using yum update killed the service. The service simply did not restart. The reason turned out to be quite simple. The resolution is just as simple. According to the Icinga docs, upgrading Icinga 2 is usually quite straightforward. Ordinarily the only manual steps involved are scheme updates for the IDO...Read More »

Icinga – How to add the check_yum plugin

Icinga, an open source monitoring tool, monitors networks and its resource, can send notifications, and generate reports. Icinga is scalable and can monitor small to large network environments. Icinga is a fork of Nagios and is backward compatible. Nagios configurations, plugins and addons can be used with Icinga. Icinga has retained the existing features of Nagios, however, is actively maintained...Read More »