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How To Backup an SVN Server for Windows

Being relatively novice to SVN, I needed to backup a recent installation. I found a couple of great scripts that was described for Linux, however, will work for Windows with additional software that is described in this article. Dump the repository to a file. Or dump the repository to a compressed file. This requires gzip for Windows. Or dump the…

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Linux: Recursively Unzip All Files Into Their Existing Directory

A backup of every file in every sub-directory created zipped archives of each individual file. This was not the intended result. To resolve this each file must be restored to it’s original location and remove the created archive. Research directed me into a couple of different routes, that didn’t really work for me or produce the desired result. Here is…

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GZip files with .htaccess and PHP that works with WordPress

Lately, I have been burning through bandwidth. I had thought that I have enabled all possible tweaks until I discovered that there is an additional work-a-round that will use gzip compression for PHP, CSS, and JS files. While there are more simplified solutions for use, WordPress installations create additional obstacles that this code addresses well. The results may be measured…

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