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WordPress – Global Translator Plugin Fix

Global Translator is a free and open source WordPress Plugin which is able to automatically translate your blog into different languages. After activating the Global Translator plugin, it is displayed under the Admin Settings as Global Translator. However, the link is incorrect and will not display. The link selects an absolute path that is incorrect. https://it.megocollector.com/wp-admin/:/…/it/wp-content/plugins/global-translator/options-translator.php The plugin is still…

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Edit WordPress Plugin Global Translator for w3.org validation.

I wanted to validate this website against w3.org, and ran into a couple of correctable problems. The images in the lower right indicate the certifications that this site has achieved. One problem, was with the plugin, Global Translator,where w3.org validator didn’t like the use of 〈, so I replaced that line with the recommended &. After making this correction, the…

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