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How to repair a damage fstab located on an LVM

i made a change to the /etc/fstab that looked perfectly fine until I rebooted the system (CentOS 6) running as a virtual machine.  The system did not start, there was a Kernel panic, and using the single boot mode did not provide any access to the system.  I changed the “/” partition to a UUID number after changing the volume…

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Use blkid or lsblk to display UUID

Knowing the UUID (“Universally Unique Identifier”) of a device is important in the event of creating a permanent mount point using /etc/fstab. Of course, the name of the device may be used, however, using the UUID is the current trend. There are benefits to this trend. The identifier will likely not be used by anything else so that there will…

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How to mount a Windows share from Linux

To access a Microsoft Windows share from a CentOS Linux server there are a few commands that worked for this configuration: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and CentOS 5.8. This is a quick and dirty guide assumes that a Windows share already exists and uses root. In a production environment, an alternate user would be more appropriate. From the Linux server….

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