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Useful DOS Commands

From time to time a DOS batch (“bat” or “cmd”) file needs to be written to perform some task or series of tasks. There are various commands that I seem to consistantly search for on the Internet. Here is a list of some of those useful DOS batch commands. How to delete files equal to zero bytes in size. Delete…

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DOS Batch – Find and Replace all occurrences of a string with another string

A fantastic write-up for a batch file, DOS Batch – Find and Replace, that allows string substitution in a text file. It parses each line of a text file for a particular string and replaces it with another string. For example, to replace all occurrences of “red” in “color.txt” with “blue” and put the output on the screen. The script…

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Use DOS Batch to show last month date with the date command

Use a DOS script to automate a process where by using the date /T command would return the previous month, rather than the current month. This actually sounds easier than it is. For the desired results, a couple of conditions were considered. Firstly, if in the month of January or one, then the subtracted value of one minus one equals…

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