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Create systemd services for Atlassian Apps

While working with the Atlassian products over the years, a pattern emerges. Even though there are distinct differences in their setup and configurations, the installation process can be generalized. One of the post-installation considerations to make is in the manual creation of a service.  The benefit of a service is that it will automate the running of the application, rather…

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Add Java JDK 8 Support to Confluence 5.6.1

Since the release of Atlassian Confluence 5.7, Java JDK 8 is officially supported. However, legacy versions of Confluence, in this particular case, version 5.6.1 is only officially supported through Java JDK 7.  From my reading only supported through Java JDK 7 Build 75. From java 7u767 and Java 8 onward, -Xloggc no longer accepts filenames with a “:” in it. …

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Atlassian Confluence: Restoring Spaces Between Major Releases

In an existing environment with Atlassian Confluence is installed, the likelihood of maintaining version updates as often as they should become available is generally unlikely. As these updates come to pass so does the diminishing possibility that an exported space from one installation may be imported into another installation. A case for importing spaces between installations would be for maintaining…

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