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Subversion on CentOS 5.4 installation guide

Subversion is an open source version control system. This article will detail an installation of Subversion on a CentOS 5.x / Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.x workstation. Subversion used for this article is version 1.6.911. Install rpmforge repository RPMforge.net release file. This package contains apt, yum and smart configuration for the RPMforge RPM Repository, as well as the public...Read More »

VNC Server Autostart on RHEL5 / CentOS5

The following steps will autostart a VNC server on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x or CentOS 5.x operating system after a reboot. The Linux user account that needs VNC server to automatically start up after system reboot, must have a VNC password. To create a new (or reset a forgotten) VNC password, just login as root or su (switch…

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Install Tomcat 5.5.28 on RHEL5 / CentOS5

A recent attempt to install Tomcat5 through the RPM repositories with the statement yum install tomcat5 failed to be as successful to run the application. Also there is a need to run Tomcat with Sun Java JDK not the openJDK that is available through the channels. These are the steps to get Tomcat up and running on a Red Hat...Read More »

Linux command tips – How to Start and Stop Services in RHEL 5 and CentOS 5

This is part of my series, useful Linux commands and tips. Although there is a great GUI utility to simplify service administration, called Service Confiuration tool, in an environment that favors the command line equivalent, it would also be good to know those commands. These commands will require root level access. Here are the commands: starts the background service stops...Read More »

Autorun JBoss on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) Server

You already have JBoss ready and operational. JBoss can be started through a command line or through a shell script that you have created; however, these steps are manual and an automated approach is desired. The goal is to automate JBoss as a service or daemon. There are many, many tutorials that are all over the internet that offer scripts…

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CentOS 5.2 Linux install error on VMWare

Before, I continue, I want to preface this with I am a novice with Linux. Having played with Ubuntu versions 6 through 8, I never really could get into this particular distro of Linux as I understand that all root activity must be performed in a terminal windows with a prefix of sudo. I recently downloaded Red Hat Enterprise 5…

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