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Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird Backup Automated [Resolved]

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email application. MozBackup is a utility for creating backups of Thunderbird and other Mozilla applications. It can backup and restore everything from your bookmarks, history, plugins, mail, to contacts. MozBackup offers command line functionality which supposedly allows for command line backups, however, I have encountered it to loop repeatedly, and endlessly. Backing up a profile,…

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How to automate Selenium scripts

Selenium is a test tool for web applications. Selenium tests run directly in a browser. I have put together a guide to show how to take many Selenium scripts and automate them using a single test. Prerequisites Download Firefox (i.e. Firefox Setup Download Selenium IDE (Firefox plug-in) (i.e. selenium-ide-1.0-beta-1.xpi) and install by opening a Firefox window and dragging and…

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