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Apache Tomcat 9 – SSL/TLS Configuration HOW-TO

In this exercise, Tomcat 9 will be installed with OpenJDK 8 using a self-signed certificate in a PKS12 keystore on a clean CentOS 7 Linux server.  These are the steps. Enjoy Tomcat Check the Cert You can check the cert by using your browser. Conclusion This is a basic Tomcat install, future considerations should include log rotation and SeLinux.Read More »

Real time Web Log analyzer using GoAccess

Scrolling through log files is unrealistic.  Using ‘awk’, ‘grep’, ‘sed’, and ‘cut’ to parse through them can be quite a chore – and still has it’s place for specific searches.  However, here is an interesting tool called GoAccess.  GoAccess is a real time web log analyzer tool. Running a CentOS 6, minimal installation, to install. To use, for example to…

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Create an nginx load balancer

I wanted to play with a simple load balancer with powerful implications. A load balancer using nginx as the front end and two apache servers on the backend. server1 - apache - (CentOS 6) yum -y install httpd echo server1 /var/www/html/index.html lokkit -s http -s https chkconfig httpd on && service httpd restart server2 - apache - (CentOS 6)...Read More »

Subversion on CentOS 5.4 installation guide

Subversion is an open source version control system. This article will detail an installation of Subversion on a CentOS 5.x / Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.x workstation. Subversion used for this article is version 1.6.911. Install rpmforge repositoryRPMforge.net release file. This package contains apt, yum and smart configuration for the RPMforge RPM Repository, as well as the public GPG…

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