Map a drive with username and password script

Once compiled into an executable, the username and password is fairly safe. Yes, there are very rare decompilers out there, but safe to the normal user community. I chose this method of VBS2EXE type applications since those applications have a tendancy to extract the data in pure text either in local folder or temp folder. This method extracts to memory.

Once compiled, take the execuatable and apply with a scheduled task so that the mapped drive will be available regardless of user logon.

Tested and works.

;Places the input box in the top left corner displaying the characters as they
;are typed.

MsgBox(49, "Drive Share Access v1.0", "This utility will create the following share " & @LF & _
"SERVERNAME\Share to Drive L " & @LF & @LF & _
"This box will time out in 10 seconds", 10)

; Disconnect

; Map X drive to \\myserver2\stuff2 using the user "MyName" from "domainx" with password "MyPassword"
DriveMapAdd("L:", "\\SERVERNAME\Shared", 0, "MYDOMAIN\mynameis", "mypasswordis")