Atlassian JIRA support for unsupported OpenJDK

Atlassian JIRA does not support OpenJDK. Oracle has changed it licensing for Oracle JDK.  With that in mind, the goal is to use OpenJDK as a replacement for the Oracle JDK. This is possible and easy to do.

Search for your jira install %JIRA_HOME/jira/bin/  On the line that contains “java version” change it to “openjdk version“, then restart your install of JIRA.

sed -i 's/java version/openjdk version/g' -i.bak

If you don’t already have OpenJDK installed and are using CentOS 7.  The install is easy enough too.

yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel

You should see something similar to this for a successful implementation of OpenJDK with JIRA.