EMC Documentum eRoom upgrade from 7.3.2a to 7.3.4 plus DST patch procedure

I recently upgraded EMC Documentum eRoom 7.3.2a to 7.3.4 plus DST patch. Each upgrade took about 15 minutes each. This environment is using the MSSQL Advanced edition.

Files needed:
eRoomDSTPatch2007.exe (September 2007)

This answered a few questions I had in mind.

Q: How to upgrade eRoom 7.3.2a to eRoom 7.3.4?
A: I couldn’t find the answer, so this is what I did, successfully.

  • Execute  MSSQLAdvancedSetup_7.3.4.exe
  • Manually Stop IIS (This is faster than allowing the setup attempt the Stop)
  • Reboot
  • ERSUPGRADE.EXE may/may not automatically execute (2 upgrades automatically executed, 1 manually executed later in this process)
  • Execute  IndexServerSetup_7.3.4.exe
  • If ERSUPGRADE.EXE did not automatically execute two steps above then, manually run ERSUPGRADE.EXE from install folder, else no need to run again (tested).
  • Done.

Note: When I attempted to install Index Server first, it gave me a message that indicated that the eRoom Server should probably be upgraded first.

Q: Will license file for 7.3.2.a to eRoom 7.3.4 still be valid?
A: Yes, verified.

Q: Will the upgrade correct the inability to import eRooms?
A: Yes, verified.

Q: Will an import of a 7.3.2a eRoom successfully port into an eRoom 7.3.4 install?
A: Yes, verified.

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