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Gitlab: Reset Your root Password

You may find yourself in front of a Gitlab install and completely forgot the password.  The following method works flawlessly, so I haven’t changed any of the steps. To reset your root password, first log into your server with root privileges. Start a Ruby on Rails console with this command: gitlab-rails console -e production Wait until the console has loaded….

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Cannot Set Password Never Expires on Windows Server 2012

A stand-alone Microsoft Windows Server 2012 with logon as local Administrator keeps presenting itself with a popup message that the password is expired in 1 day and that you must change your password.  There were a couple of solutions that exist. One seemed more elegant and quicker than the other. The first solution to use the local security policy. Go…

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Check if user account is locked in Linux

If you ever needed to know if an account is locked in CentOS Linux, there are a few commands to find those answers. Password Lock a password using passwd. Additional confirmation that the password is locked.  The double !! indicates that the password is locked.  Note that this user does not have a password. Unlock the password.  Note that the password…

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Reset Root Password on CentOS7

CentOS7 offers a completely different approach to resetting a forgotten root password than the it’s earlier distro of CentOS6.x.  Here are multiple approaches that was tested on CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) with success.  The last one being one that I combined from the many different approaches into fewer steps. Reset the Root password (version 1 Reboot the system to…

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MySQL Reset root Password

Every now and again a MySQL root password may have been forgotten or undocumented along the way, but that does not negate the need to access the MySQL server. There is a way to gain access to the MySQL server to change the password for root and eventually log in as root. Applies to: CentOS / RHEL / Scientific Linux…

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Remove passwords from protected Microsoft Word documents

Having to make modifications to a Microsoft Word document, it became painfully clear that there were modifications that could not be made as there were restrictions imposed on to the document and password protected. Not having access to the password, a solution to remove the password became known to me and after having applied it, it worked successfully and painlessly….

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How to reset forgotten WordPress password

WordPress offers a default password recovery method that is available on the login screen. Under the Username and Password box there is a link to Lost your password?. This password recovery method would recover the user password if the user defines a valid and working email address in the user profile. If the e-mail account is not accessible or unknown…

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Change forgotten WordPress password

If you have ever forgotten your WordPress password, there is a work-a-round, change it. The WordPress password uses an MD5 version of the password that may have been selected. Generate a new MD5 password using the tool below. Replace the MD5 password in WordPress with the one generated. This, however, is only valid for WordPress installations up to version 2.3.3….

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