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How to Build a Better haproxy RPM

There are several RPM builds of haproxy that can be found throughout the Internet.  There are GitHub repositories with customized .spec files to build your own RPM.  In fact, there is an haproxy.spec file that may be found in the official .tar.gz file under examples.  However, here is a unique way to build one as close to the original, haproxy-1.5.4-2.el6.rpm,...Read More »

Using shc to compile a shell script

Not being a programmer, I do write a descent shell script from time to time.  In the Microsoft world, there are all sorts of script compilers that will compile a batch, visual basic, or any number of other scripts into an executable.  A benefit of an executable could be the files portability or even an attempt to obfuscate the code. ...Read More »

Windows Vista Default Folder Template Patch (AutoIT Script)

In 2008,I put together several solutions to prevent Windows Vista from automatically selecting a default view, which was generally inconsistent with the folder content. The purpose of this article is to take the first solution of that article that was found on and create a nice little utility using AutoIT. It hasn't been fully burned in but there may...

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Vsftpd FTP Server With Virtual Users (CentOS 7)

vsftpd ("Very Secure FTP Daemon") is an FTP server for Linux and supports PAM ("pluggable authentication modules"). A virtual user cannot login to the Linux system and is considered more secure than using a "real" user whom can login to a Linux system. This guide offers a script that demonstrates one way to setup a vsftpd server using PAM with...

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Automated Scripted Install for Drupal on CentOS7/RHEL7 Linux

To get an instance of Drupal running on a fresh and minimal install of CentOS7/RHEL7 is the goal. Here is an automated scripted install for Drupal on CentOS7/RHEL7 Linux. It is not all inclusive. It doesn’t take into accounts a MariaDB password or MariaDB hardening. Just a quick script to get things running rather quickly, preferably on a development environment….

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Automated Scripted Install for Drupal on CentOS6/RHEL6 Linux

Every now and again, you get the urge to try something new. Drupal is the project for today. The goal is to create an automated script to install Drupal on a fresh and minimal install of CentOS 6. Here is an automated scripted install for Drupal and drush, a command line supplement, on CentOS6/RHEL6 Linux. The script is not all…

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Automated Scripted Install of WordPress on CentOS7/RHEL7 Linux

Sometime ago, I wrote an automated script to install WordPress on a CentOS 5 install of Linux. Over the years, the repos and WordPress requirements changed as did CentOS upgrades through CentOS 6. The script was modified accordingly. The script had to be modified considerably for CentOS 7 which facilitates the need for a new article. Here is an automated...Read More »

Install htop as a top Alternative

htop, an interactive process viewer for Linux. It is a text-mode application (for console or X terminals). It is a powerful alternative to using the top command. Here is a little script to install htop, which can easily be applied to any number of other simple installs too. After creating the script and making it an executable, run the script…

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