How to create a software RAID5 on Microsoft Windows XP with this hack

Microsoft Windows XP, by design, is not capable of a native software RAID5, however, capable of mirroring drives.

Found this on the internet, and have personally verified. This has been successfully implemented on a Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 (MCE 2005). Installed three 300 GB SATA drives and successfully created RAID5. Though, remember that a hardware RAID5 is always better.

  • Copy the following files from the Windows sub directories to somewhere else, so you may edit them with a hex editor :


  • Open the files in a hex editor and replace ‘SERVERNT’ or ‘servernt’ to ‘WINNT’ or ‘winnt’ and vice versa (‘WINNT’ replace through ‘SERVERNT’). Make sure that the length of the lines dont change. The difference in length between the string SERVERNT and WINNT must be filled up with spaces.
  • Copy the three edited files to their original location. This you can do from the recovery console, but admins may do it immediately from Windows. Make sure the Windows XP CD isn’t in your drive. Ignore windows complaining about changed files which have to be replaced with the original ones.

copy dmboot.sys system32\drivers
copy dmboot.sys system32\dllcache
copy dmconfig.dll SYSTEM32
copy dmconfig.dll system32\dllcache
copy dmadmin.exe SYSTEM32
copy dmadmin.exe system32\dllcache

  • Reboot the computer.