Auto launch Lotus Notes 6.5 without typing password

Unlike Microsoft Outlook, where all you have to do to access your email is click on an Outlook icon without having to repeatedly type in your password, IBM Lotus Notes requires a username and password to be typed each and every time.  However, I am lazy and often have to reboot my Microsoft Windows workstation (quite common for a Microsoft Windows machine).  So through necessity, I created a little script using AutoIT that would launch Lotus Notes without having to retype a password each logon.

Here is the script NotesLauncher.au3.  Customize it to your needs.

Run("C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\Notes.exe")
WinWaitActive("Lotus Notes")
WinWaitActive("Your Name Is Here - Inbox - Lotus Notes")

After creating the AutoIT script, just click on the script to launch Lotus Notes, everything is done automatically.