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Remove non-ASCII characters from file

There was a text file that contained non-ASCII characters that acted like spaces within the file, so I used the tried and true dos2unix command to attempt to clean the file; however, the characters remained.  With hundreds of lines to correct, manually deleting the offending areas of the file was not an option.  A real solution is needed. Once again,...Read More »

Perl Script to Backup Event Logs (Updated)

Years ago, I had hacked up various pieces of code to create a variant to the event logs backup scripts that are floating around the internet. There is a script that I have seen that comes with (at least) the Windows Perl releases. This is an updated script for use with Perl and Windows to backup event logs. The differences…

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Perl Script to Backup and Clear EventLogs

All over the internet are the same instructions and the same Perl script to backup and clear the eventlogs. However, the Perl script does not clear the eventlogs. Under each of the explanations is the clear function is not implemented. The Issue The original code only backups Application, System, and Security eventlogs. Over the years, the newer OS versions of…

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