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Interesting PDF Tools

There are many tools and utilities that exist that assist in the manipulation of Adobe PDF files, however, some seem more difficult to find than others. This is a list of some of those more difficult to find tools that are interesting and useful for the manipulation of PDFs. It is compiled here to serve as a reminder to me…

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Query Adobe Acrobat 7.x using LANDesk

Adobe Acrobat 7 cannot be queried as ACROBAT.EXE as the file size remains the same. The results will be inconclusive. ACROBAT.DLL, however, changes. UPdate the LDAppl3.Template file to add .DLL to ScanExtentions. Go to LANDesk Management Suite, Software License Monitoring, and Make Available to Clients. To create the query use: Add a column using “Computer”.”Software”.”Package”.”Version”

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