Active@ KILLDISK for DOS

There are a few hard drives that needed to be wiped. I had tested DBAN, a freeware product that has worked successfully over the years and on practically everything I threw at it. There was a situation, once, where I was unable to wipe the hard disk with DBAN. I don’t remember exactly the cause for this inability, however, I believe it was the hard drive controller or that that it was a RAID. In any case, it was frustrating.

Before going into the product, I want to touch on the three methods I use this product. Including it on a bootable CD, a bootable floppy disk, and lastly and my personal favorate, PXE boot.

To PXE boot, I use TFTPd32 on a Windows XP installation. I haven’t been able to get TFTPd32 to run under Windows Vista.

I had tried the trial version of Active@ KILLDISK for DOS v.3. It worked but didn’t meet my requirements, if my memory serves, it did not include DOD 3 pass. But it worked. I liked this product so much I purchased a copy Active@ KILLDISK for DOS v.3.1 Build: 2151. Aside for it’s nicer well laid out screen, this product worked the first time and everytime. I haven’t had a problem with this version, which was released in 2005, however, am looking forward to testing a newer version.

Update: As part of a limited promotion, the excellent staff at LSoft Technologies sent me their newest version of Active@ Killdisk for this review. I have already made use of thier newest release. An immediate benefit of earlier versions is the inclusion of a Windows version.