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Create systemd services for Atlassian Apps

While working with the Atlassian products over the years, a pattern emerges. Even though there are distinct differences in their setup and configurations, the installation process can be generalized. One of the post-installation considerations to make is in the manual creation of a service.  The benefit of a service is that it will automate the running of the application, rather…

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CentOS 7 df command hangs

The df command is useful in reporting disk space usage.  However, recently encountered a system that would hang after issuing the df command.  A CTL-C or CTL-Z would not escape this annoyance.  The issue was quickly resolved by reinstalling stystemd. yum -y reinstall systemd After reinstalling systemd, the df command was reissued and was quite responsive. Source

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Change GUI to NON-GUI mode in CentOS7

The preference for me is to work on a Linux box in a terminal.  However, recently encountered the need for GUI.  I happened to have a CentOS 7 install with GUI, but the default boot will boot into NON-GUI. GUI to CLI to GUI Commands # Check the current settings systemctl get-default # Change to GUI mode. systemctl set-default graphical.target…

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