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Add custom DNS entries to Pi-Hole

Pi-Hole is the black hole for the internet. As of the most recent Pi-hole Version v2.13.2 with Web Interface Version v2.5.2, a local network should have the necessary tools, DNS and DHCP servers, to run successfully. With that said, what if you want custom DNS settings? I tried this approach successfully, so now one IP resolves to several domain names....Read More »

Install and use pdnsd for name service caching

The man pages describe pdnsd as a dns proxy daemon capable of saving the contents of its DNS cache to the disk on exit. The Install Edit the /etc/pdnsd.conf file. ¬†Under server, change the ip value to your DNS server. Edit the /etc/resolv.conf to point the server to itself. For my test, I commented out everything and only added the...Read More »

Install and use ncsd for name service caching

According to Red Hat, "[t]he Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd) is a service that runs in the background and keeps a copy of /etc/passwd, /etc/group, [/etc/netgroup, /etc/services] and /etc/hosts files in /var/db/nscd/ directory. This can aid performance by reducing disk read overhead on a heavily loaded system dealing with many logins or name resolution requests." The installation and usage is...Read More »

Fix Journal wrapper DNS NTFRS errors

I created the following script to fix the following errors that occur often enough. I have tested this on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Enterprise Server(s) with SP1, SP2, and no service pack with success. Fix_Journal_Wrapper_DNS_NTFRS.au3

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