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CentOS 7 vs CentOS 8 differences

I have had several of my scripts break, that had worked on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7, when applying them to CentOS 8.  Here are a couple of examples and their fixes. curl A script inspired by 802.1x in Lion for Macbook Air needing AD domain authentication and a script on GitHub contained a line similar to the following. # curl...Read More »

A Kernel Panic and Resolution

While performing yum updates on CentOS 7 minimal install virtual servers, I came across a problem server.  The server needed a reboot after performing a hardware change.  It did not come back up. It had a Kernel Panic error.  I did so many things to that server, I didn't know what the cause for the panic was, but fortunately I...Read More »

Vsftpd FTP Server With Virtual Users (CentOS 7)

vsftpd ("Very Secure FTP Daemon") is an FTP server for Linux and supports PAM ("pluggable authentication modules"). A virtual user cannot login to the Linux system and is considered more secure than using a "real" user whom can login to a Linux system. This guide offers a script that demonstrates one way to setup a vsftpd server using PAM with...

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Configure a Public Share with Samba on Centos 7 Linux

A CentOS7 Linux server was used to create Samba shares so that Windows clients of a home network may back up their stuff, resulting in one share with read write access. The ultimate goal was to create a Samba share that would act as if it were one of those off-the-shelf “solutions” like a Buffalo Linkstation, where no user password…

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