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WordPress condition if … else statement for wp_pagenavi plugin

I wanted to create a condition in a theme, where if the plugin wp_pagenavi existed then use the plugin. If the plugin does not exist, then use the text Next and Previous.  Researching through the internet took quite some time and without a functioning code.  I found this code in another WordPress theme and applied it to another and it…

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Wordrpess Theme: it

I have modified a WordPress the Internet 1.0 theme to better appeal to my layout. I have found several themes that follow different paths. I modified code from several sources and created my variation of the original template offered by solucija.com. Please keep in mind that this is my first attempt at modifying a WordPress theme so some of the…

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Change forgotten WordPress password

If you have ever forgotten your WordPress password, there is a work-a-round, change it. The WordPress password uses an MD5 version of the password that may have been selected. Generate a new MD5 password using the tool below. Replace the MD5 password in WordPress with the one generated. This, however, is only valid for WordPress installations up to version 2.3.3….

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