Change Registered Information for Microsoft Office 2003

There are more than one valid reasons for doing this. In one case, a company buys out another company. The assets exchange possession and you want to re brand the applications to reflect company ownership. Here is how. Using regedit, edit the registry for the following keys. Be certain that there is a 00 between each letter.

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Query Adobe Acrobat 7.x using LANDesk

Adobe Acrobat 7 cannot be queried as ACROBAT.EXE as the file size remains the same. The results will be inconclusive. ACROBAT.DLL, however, changes. UPdate the LDAppl3.Template file to add .DLL to ScanExtentions. Go to LANDesk Management Suite, Software License Monitoring, and Make Available to Clients. To create the query use: Add a column using “Computer”.”Software”.”Package”.”Version”

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WinZip 9.0 SR1 repack for silent installation

Tools Needed Winzip ( 7-Zip ( Startx ( Solution 1. Execute the Winzip application to install into the default directory (C:\Program Files\Winzip). 2. Create a batch file using a text editor and place in the Winzip installation directory, i.e. SetupWinZip.cmd. [ SetupWinZip.cmd ] 3. Copy StartX.exe into the default WinZip installation directory. 4. Use 7-Zip ( ultra compression to archive…

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eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware Corporate Edition 5.x Redistribution (Custom)

To create a distributable executable, perform the following: 1. Create a folder, for example, PPCL. 2. Put into that folder, the following files found in C:\Program Files\Common\Pestpatrol: exclude.dat langv5.dat lfinfo.dat PestPatrol.bin ppcl.exe PPClean.exe ppcl_122105.ini <—- included below ppctl.dll ppfile.dat ppinfo.dat pploc.dat PPMCActiveDetection.exe ppsrindex.dat runppcl.bat <– included below 3. Create a batch file and place outside of the folder PPCL, ie,…

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Change Managed installation to UnManaged Symantec Antivirus

Situation You performed a managed installation of the Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.x or 9.x client. You want to convert this to an unmanaged installation instead. Solution Copy the GRC.DAT file to the client that you want unmanaged. Cut and paste the following into a text file called GRC.DAT and copy the GRC.DAT file to: Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.x…

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Create a 7zip Self Extractor (7zS.sfx or 7z.sfx)

One of easiest silent installations that most anyone can create utilize two free software products. 7-Zip ( and Resource Hacker (  Many of the silent installations that are created and found on this site are created using the 7zip compression.  To make a self-extracting silent installation, the utility, Resource Hacker, will need to be applied against the 7z.sfx file. In...Read More »