Category: AutoIT Scripts

Fix Journal wrapper DNS NTFRS errors

I created the following script to fix the following errors that occur often enough. I have tested this on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Enterprise Server(s) with SP1, SP2, and no service pack with success. Fix_Journal_Wrapper_DNS_NTFRS.au3

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Auto launch Lotus Notes 6.5 without typing password

Unlike Microsoft Outlook, where all you have to do to access your email is click on an Outlook icon without having to repeatedly type in your password, IBM Lotus Notes requires a username and password to be typed each and everytime.  However, I am lazy and often have to reboot my Microsoft Windows workstation (quite common for a Microsoft Windows…

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Internet Explorer 7 Gold RunOnce Removal

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 7 Version: 7.0.5730.11CO Update Versions: 0 Last Updated: April 15, 2008 Confirmed working on version 7.0.5730.13IS Issue The annoying Runonce linking to either fails to start or you do not want it to start. There is no reasonable explanation as to the purpose of this link. All settings may be changed within the installation of…

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