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Video Card Drivers not compatible with MCE 2005

After building a Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 computer, it is quickly discovered that the video card does not have any compatible drivers.  The next obvious option is to use regular Microsoft Windows XP drivers.  Once installed, one may encounter serious incompatibility issues as it relates to DirectX 9 and Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 will only operate in “safe…

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Video Card Drivers not compatible with MCE 2005 #2

If the video card driver is outdated and no longer supported by the manufacturer, the following website offers tweaked drivers for gamers and enhusiasts. One such driver updated a 2001 driver to a modified 6/2006 driver and MCE 2005 functioned as it should. Go to the downloads section.

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How to remove paragraph mark from Outlook messages?

Problem Copied something into an email and it turned on formatting when reply or create new email messages. Resolution Create a new email message. Go to Tools -> Options -> View tab. Look in Formatting marks and uncheck any and all boxes. Click OK. Done.

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Hot to enable a Symantec Antivirus LiveUpdate that is grayed out

We have had several computers that were recently reloaded that had the Symantec Antivirus LiveUpdate grayed out or locked out.  This may be as a result of a group policy or policy pushed through the Symantec server, however, there is an easy fix for this.  To re-enable Symantec LiveUpdate using the following code and regedit.Read More »

Change Registered Information for Microsoft Office 2003

There are more than one valid reasons for doing this. In one case, a company buys out another company. The assets exchange possession and you want to re brand the applications to reflect company ownership. Here is how. Using regedit, edit the registry for the following keys. Be certain that there is a 00 between each letter.

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Query Adobe Acrobat 7.x using LANDesk

Adobe Acrobat 7 cannot be queried as ACROBAT.EXE as the file size remains the same. The results will be inconclusive. ACROBAT.DLL, however, changes. UPdate the LDAppl3.Template file to add .DLL to ScanExtentions. Go to LANDesk Management Suite, Software License Monitoring, and Make Available to Clients. To create the query use: Add a column using “Computer”.”Software”.”Package”.”Version”

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WinZip 9.0 SR1 repack for silent installation

Tools Needed Winzip ( 7-Zip ( Startx ( Solution 1. Execute the Winzip application to install into the default directory (C:\Program Files\Winzip). 2. Create a batch file using a text editor and place in the Winzip installation directory, i.e. SetupWinZip.cmd. [ SetupWinZip.cmd ] 3. Copy StartX.exe into the default WinZip installation directory. 4. Use 7-Zip ( ultra compression to archive…

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